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Winter Windsurfing 2014/2015

I was fortunate in that it got cold after the warm spell in December 2014.
That meant that there was ice up at the lake.
Pretty GOOD ice at that. People were skating the entire lake.

I had originally brought my snow sailboard, but went back home and got my ice sailboard - pictured below. After that I had three(3) great days on the ice.

Once back home, I was hoping to get out on the snow. When I tried it on the local river, I realized that i needed 20-40 kph winds for the SailWorks Retro 8-oh that I had purchased for winter sailing. Naturally the first time I did go out for a real session, I forgot my harness :-( and thus could NOT last more than 1 minute or two at a time - before i needed a break :-(

The next time out I obviously did NOT forget my harness and met Claude at OKA Parc. Claude is at about the 15 minute mark. (btw Claude is pronounced Clode !!)
Need to reduce the film length for the BEST parts and put some music:

After that session I removed the front snowboard and feel perhaps I will ONLY put it when needed. All I need to remember is bring that board plus some 7/16 wrench and socket... Feels like the extra "plough"/push is ONLY required when there is more snow ie deeper.

I was a little surprised when people always ask the same question first: "How fast were you going?" It is NOT about speed for me. It is about FUN, TOW/snow and being outside. Perhaps the question is meant more like, "MAN, how fast were you going ?? " :-)


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Thought they were selling a DVD ??

Seems it is available here - for now !!
Use Google Chrome to be able to move about in the movie.
and does NOT seem to be functioning any more !!

Buy a SW Retro 8-oh to prepare for winter ??

Taking longboard Mistral Equipe aka MEQ up north to chalet basement today - outlaws have some chalets with space = lucky me. Bringing my winter sleds back down home - have one for the snow and another for the ice.

Was also going through my sails and was wondering if my newly acquired HSM SPF 8.5 could be used on snow n ice. Apparently the PVC window is fragile in the cold. That's a pisser :-( NEVER thought to check that when i purchased it... My MS-2 8.0 is way too busted up to even consider winter activity and the TR-4 8.4 is just too precious = "my precious" done in the voice of Gollum from Lord of the Rings :-)

In any case, I found a 2007 Sailworks / SW Retro 8.0 for about $200 at 2-rad. Bruno marked it as A+ and owner from Gatineau marked it as B+. With the small crinkles near the top of the luff, I will give it a B+ while the rest was A+ with lotsa life left in it.

I rigged it with my MauiSails SDM 490cm/75% carbon mast. Bruce Peterson has stated this should work fine.The sail is marked as luff of 501-505 and boom of 219-223. Put the downhaul at 490+12.5 = 502.5 and outhaul at 180+40=220 cm. This sail requires more downhaul than ANY I have ever rigged. What i mean by that is usually there is about 5 to 10 cm of rope left to pull with a tool ie before I cannot pull easily with my hand(s). This sail had about 20 to 30 cm of downhaul to go. The mast is hard top and the sail constant curve. Needed to tighten the battens a little bit - tool is on the sail and put more outhaul - another 2.5 cm to make the battens get around the mast - for switching sides. Also, I did NOT downhaul all the way - was already enough leech and bend in mast. Next time try 10 cm on mast extension - all the way and see how much outhaul is required for battens to be good. (10 cm at base and 40 at boom next time)

Obviously uphauled the sail and yanked on it to see power and flip to other side. This sail is VERY powerful and I will need to be VERY careful on snow n ice. People are saying I need LESS sail in winter and this is true, but i also go out in lighter winds. ANY slight breeze and one can fly on the ice !! Snow can be VERY resistant and as such requires bigger sails. This sail can be used on snow up to 30 kph winds - as long as snow is NOT crusty - that approaches ice speeds. On the ice I have used 8.x sails in winds under 20 kph - as low as 10 kph !!! Just gliding along and smiling...

Will post more pics of sail when my camera battery has charged %^&*(
Interestingly enough, this sail goes into the bag clew first or what i call head first. Perhaps that is how the top of the sail got crinkled ? Person stood sail on clew head while placing in bag ??

About 5 cm not hauled with 502.5 setting:


Here is the crinkly top of the sail:

and another angle on the sail:

Bruce Peterson now has a clip on youtube on the proper rigging of the SailWorks Retro:

Now, back to winter windsurfing ...
Here's an old clip with the Maui Sails MS-2 8-oh. It was light wind and not so fast. To make it more interesting, it was sped up and some "futuristic" sounds that are supposed to be music? added.

The sled in that video was the ice sled. On the ice such a large sail is ONLY used in very light winds !! Mostly such a large sail is used on the snow sled. The version I am using this year is as follows:

My snow sled is loosely based on the race sled used by Langis Carron who used to race cars and then started racing in the snow at WISSA events and did well !!

Since there was discussion about a hard top mast and sail slated to be constant curve/CC on iwindsurf ... &
I decided to try my NP 490/90% mast on the SW retro discussed earlier in this post. The issue was that the hard top/HT mast seemed to create a looser leech rather than a tighter leech - even with less downhaul. This is based on the photo earlier in this post and multiple riggings... Here is a photo of the NP flextop/FT mast in the SW Retro 8-oh. Same 10 cm downhaul and 40 + 180 cm outhaul as the HT mast.

Ok the leech looks loose, but upon careful examination this happens above the SW "cog"  indicator. Before putting the outhaul, the battens pushed hard against the end of their respective sleeves. With the outhaul at 40 + 180 cm the battens actually seemed better than with the HT mast. The 10 cm downhaul was also taken down to about 7/8 cm and not the full 10 - just like the MS mast. And so, decided to take it out on the ice n snow for a spin. Will post the video once uploaded to YouTube...