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Division 2 boards aka D2 and DIV2

Well this is a quick and sad story ... 
I wanted to try these boards, perhaps even go to a few races and have some fun ... 
As you will see below ... 
I did purchase one at a decent price and okay shape ...

On Sunday 20MAY 2018 i had the chance to try it on Lake of Two Mountains in NW 20+ kph winds. The board went fine and i was considering going to the other side of the lake before tacking in case anything went went wrong ... Ah, what can go wrong ... It was a little tricky to tack and on the second attempt, the sail and board separated with the sail in my hands ...
Managed to get the board and when i turned towards the sail, the board slipped out of my hands ...
This board seems to float high in the water and with the wind and waves, it was moving ...
do i abandon the sail and go for the board again ??
what if i don't get the board then i have nothing $%^&*
stayed with the sail ...

thought i could swim to nearest point but the wind was sideshore and so was the current
i spent about two(2) hours in the water until i managed to signal Caroline, an instructor at Club de Voiles Deux Montagnes - which is in Vaudreuils. She was in an inflatable dinghy with one sailor and two young fellows on sailboats with 4.7 sails...
On the way during the two hours ... my sail sank twice, but i would not let it - that was to be my saving vessel - could float with it/rest !!
Once I got to the yacht club, Guy and Daniel were VERY helpful and I had warm showers, towels and warm tea. Took me a good hour to fully warm up ...
Even got a ride back to OKA where they had called 911 and the police.
At the gate I could not get a ride in since there was an emergency/urgence.
Turns out - that emergency was ME,

Gros merci à Guy, Guy et sa femme, Simon leur fils, Daniel et Caroline !!
I need to find a way to thank them properly !!

The yacht club suggested a water proof VHF radio - they are on channel 68 
Often i carried a phone when alone - who would i call ??
Helmut suggested coast guard ...

Many people suggest I write a separate post on the incident - what went right and what went wrong ?
Lessons learned and obviously - the management question - what can be done to avoid this in the future ?? 

As a think i am a comedian, i made many silly jokes - like spoke to the gods and we agreed it was not my time - YET. 

Probably lost five (5) pounds -- should i try this again next weekend ??

Was telling everyone I will see them again ,, but next time ON the water !!

At work next day some asked if i would take up ballet instead ?? since a wet-suit is like tights anyway ...

Told the wife maybe it is time for me to give up windsurfing. She said NO WAY.
ALWAYS listen to your wife !!

Note: the logos above are merely for presentation and as yet, I am NOT an official member of the D2 world ...

Since I have been longboarding for over 20 years, I have been fortunate to try quite a few longboards.

Some of my favourites are the BIC Dufour Wing, Fanatic Ultra CAT (my FUC board :-) , Mistral Equipe One XR and my current one - Mistral Equipe 2 XR also known as my MEQ2 ...

Was always hoping to try a Windsurfing One Design - one of the earliest boards .... but ...
would probably have to go to Australia or order a new copy ... were currently being made/copy of the original  - still ?? In 2018 the Windsurfer LT is being made in the Cobra factory, Thailand.

Around the early 1980s there were the Dufours and also the Division 2 boards - also known as D2s...
They have become a class of their own ... with VERY particular criteria ...
Dufours do NOT fit the criteria ...
There was a BIC Hervé Borde that is a D2, but I have not seen one ...

So, up until now I have NOT had a D2 board in my windsurf quiver ...

Well all that changed last weekend ... Will post about my "new" board before going into details regarding all the different DIV rules and classifications  ...

It is a REIX Competition 1982-1983 found on the rocks and refurbished by Eric Bouillet (more on him later). As a D2, it is 67 cm wide, about 20 kilos, with a fully retractable 70 cm dagger, mast base holes and consisting of 330 liters - styrofoam polyestre... Believe it is 3.90 meters long as per the DIV2 standard - to be confirmed ..

As you can see it comes with a wooden dagger which I thought was home made, but it turns out THAT is the original dagger. All the REIX boards I can find on the internet seem to confirm this ...

It also came with the original sail - Eric managed to scrounge around the world to find all the missing parts for this board. The board and the sail remind me greatly of my BIC Dufour Wings ... The sail is 6.3 just as my Dufour sail was and is also with a ridiculously long outhaul/boom - supposed to be about 270 cm, but needs to be confirmed ... and should work with my HPL carbon boom (which is 220-280 cm). NOT sure carbon booms are allowed in D2 races, but more on that later ...

The difference between the BIC Dufour and the REIX are definitely in terms of rail thickness, the dagger is fully retractable on the D2, bigger dagger on the D2, and obviously more volume in the board. The REIX mast base is interesting in that one simply attaches a universal joint and can then attach a standard mast extension with pulleys !!

This board is supposed to be the fastest in very light winds. The shape has influenced such boards as the AHD Takik and the Exocet RSD2:

AHD Taktik
Exocet RSD2
However, it is important to remember a Division II/DIV2/D2 board MUST adhere to VERY strict measurements ... and the hull is a displacement hull with no rear section for planing like the RSD2. One of the links I will share later says these boards are really like a small dinghy with a sail 😊

There is NO way I can discuss these boards here giving a full history , especially without making errors or leaving serious omissions !! Suffice it to say, they are a VERY important part of the windsurf board history and they have been resurrected. It feels like followers of this class are a tight group and it is like a religion (no sacrilege nor insult intended). I must apologize right away if i make errors or offend anyone - as stated - this is not intended...

These boards have been the official Olympic board in 1988 (Lechner with class A sail - triangular 6.3 m²) and 1992 (modified Lechner = A-390 with class B sail - fully battened up to 7.5 m²)

Seems there is also a class C. This one seems a little less stringent in the rules ...
Then the board does not meet all the criteria for a DIV2 necessarily and can use sails up to 9.5 for men and 8.5 for women as per


Eric Bouillet who sold me the Reix Competition (with completely original parts ) and official D2 sail is NOT only a local Division II/DIV2/D2 spokesperson, but also on an international level !! He represents this class of windsurf board at the IWA/International Windsurf Association.

seems the resurrection has NOT been so long ago ... like around 2015 ?? Eric wrote on seabreeze forum that in 2009 there were 3 D2 enthusiasts trying to bring it back !!!


here are some websites I have been using for information on this subject ...

in terms of rules ...

the board: it seems this is standard across the different "classes"/divisions and the classes are all about sail size. It seems the boards are 3.9 meters or 390 cm in length, 63 cm in maximum width and 22 cm in depth. Volumes typically over 300 liters in volume ... As it is a displacement vessel, the bottoms are rounded. Daggers are allowed to be fully retractable and some boards have sliding mast track plus foot straps. The maximum dagger length is 70 cm. The fin cannot be longer than 30 or 40 cm depending on class ...

the measurement rules are as follows;

quick summary of the different classes:

Class A: obviously with the board described above ..
                triangular short battened 6.3 sail with a mast of 480 cm maximum height
                NO limitation on the boom - carbon okay ??
Class B: same board
               using a fully battened 7.3 sail with a mast of 530 cm maximum length
               again seems to be no limitation on boom
Class C: rules on the boards are less stringent, but seem to insist on 1979-1992 boards
               the sail can be 9.5 for men and 8.5 for women with a maximum mast length of
               600 cm
               in this class it seems the boom cannot be more than 300 cm

Phew ... once one gets past all the rules and measurements - they better have some FUN 😉

let's see if there are not some decent videos ...

as a displacement vessel you surely noticed how water spray is generated at speed
also, with such a long board, tacks are performed with the nose way up in the air ...

the logos presented at the beginning of this post are the stickers placed on equipment that is considered part of the D2 class i.e. it adheres to the rules ... The red one seems to symbolize that the equipment (board and sail) are Class A or B compliant while the blue one clearly shows the C.
Ironically the II looks like a pause on many electronic devices or software and that is where this division of boards was for quite some time ...

(this is still a WHIP/work in progress ... but spring is in the air :-) )
or at least it was until today %^&*()

On Sunday April 29th 2018 I picked up my REIX Competition from Eric on the South Shore of Montreal, It was a cold, rainy day and so, NO going on the water with this or any other board :-(

with a VERY round bottom

and a 31 cm BIC Sport fin in a US fin box 

and the mast base twists to tighten to board and accepts standard current mast bases
and that was in 1982 !!

and yes the original daggerboard is made out of wood !!

Making a Deep Snow Windski

First off, let us begin with a little bit of history ...

So far, I have built a windski that works VERY well on ice since it runs on the metal rails:

My first windski is actually the model I am still using when there is not too much snow on the ice. The ice model above bogs down when there is more than about one inch or so of snow. This model works up to three(3) or four(4) inches of snow (or crusty snow). The front portion is not always used, but the middle ski stays ...

I also have other "windski" models that either did not work for me or have not been tried YET.

I have the blue "windskate" that has not been tried yet - need some good ice !!

This one is the windski based on gtj's model which i hoped worked in deep snow, but Guy informed me that was not the case and i found it difficult to get out of the boots...

And then there was the ArcticSail which was fabricated in Quebec. This model had metal edges and I had high hopes. It was just too heavy and I abandoned trying it again. Someone stated somewhere it works in water too. With my weight it sank to my thighs and I did not try it any deeper. So for me, that one was a FLOP !!

So, the BIGGER issue so far is the deeper snow ... Once there is more than about four(4) inches of snow, NONE of my models work !! Since starting this blog in 2011 and even before, I have been working on snow models. The most evasive is the deeper snow model.

I have come to the conclusion that a windski in deep snow acts as a plow and a kite lifts skis or snowboards in the deep snow; NOT snow plowing in any case.

So... My idea is to build a windski where the platform is above the snow. In order to be able to envision this and check measurements, feel, etc; I came up with this "prototype".

The idea is based on what I found here: Fastest-Sled-On-a-Hill/

And so ... The questions about materials and measurements begin ... The skis and snowboard platform are givens ...

Part of the reason this is important now - winter in 2017 started early and stayed. There is ice and lotsa snow in December. Temperatures are hitting -30 degrees C at night. So, I am up at the in-law chalet in the cold, lotsa snow , almost no wind and no sleigh. I can't just stay inside and watch netflix all day :-)

I had come to the conclusion that I would need a strong support that was not too heavy. This may seem obvious, but all details are important. As such, I decided upon PVC piping, like from the "fastest sled" link earlier. As mentioned there, the PVC end caps were NOT so easy to find. Ideally would have liked something like this, but the ends may be flimsy...

So ... luckily my bro-in-law, Chas, found something else in the States. Like the ones from the fastest sled, but without the holes ...

As I want some height, I cannot just put the elbows with the 45 degree joints...

Also, since I will be standing, the support is not just higher, but MUST be sturdy... Do I need cross-bars ?? Not under the sled, but along the sides ...

Stay tuned ... yeah right :-(

mid-Jan 2018 - am stalled since the ice conditions are SO BAD... On the weekend checked three(3) sites and Lac St-Louis was actually the BEST and then today/Monday we are getting a snow storm with freezing rain = yuck - truly disappointing ...

It is now early FEB 2018 and we ARE getting snow - time to wake up the project !!

Went and got some raw materials:

Had made some adjustments to the plan:

and is started to look like this:

and the simulation proof of concept:

Still not sure if more legs are required - like a water insect....
Or support between legs on the same ski ...

The problem now is the snow is still deep and very WET. We are expecting rain and 10 degree C weather. That's like 50 degrees Fahrenheit !! This winter - too much snow - or too cold - or no wind. We now have ice surface that looks ok to go in the mornings when it is colder ...  Last Sunday was the wife's birthday in FEB and obviously i did NOT get to go #$%^&*(

Also asked my engineer uncle on his thoughts on this setup. Says he has no structural data on PVC tubing, which is logical. It is NOT made nor used as a structural material :-)
He says why not use metal ?? For me that is mostly a weight issue ...

Started looking at black metal plumbing - they have 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch piping with 6 inch pieces, 45 degree elbows, etc. Can do exactly what i did with the PVC ... Because they would be 6 inch pieces and not the customized 8.5 inch piece at the 45 degree piece, this makes the platform 10 inches high rather than 12 - which was my original design anyway...

This is what a 3/4" setup looks like so far ...

BEST windsurf event in Canada EVER ??

Okay, buddy Brian out of Kingston, Ontario, Canada got me started on this subject ...

He claims the BEST one in Canada EVER was the 1983 World Championships, you guessed it, in Kingston. Quick search turned up this picture ...

Obviously looks like they/we were still in the original WindSurfer stage

Based on some further readings ... it may have been one of the last tobacco sponsored events:
It seems the Export "A" girl showed up in kilt and all and handed out prizes !!

In Wikipedia under the Windsurf World Champioships we see the following:

In the men's we obviously recognize all the names and in 1983 a woman was the first Canadian to win a World's event. What Brian of Kingston was actually looking for , was more pics. He said there was an official photographer, who was most probably from Ottawa ... I am wondering if it is Geoff Webster and asked Brian about it ...

As I look about at images and stories, I see that in that year there were other windsurf events in Brittany and Holland too ...

For now I will leave this post as it is, but wish to remind people there were other GREAT windsurf events in Canada - both winter and summer. KONA has been here , as has WISSA (World Ice n Snow Association) ...

Once we have located the Ottawa photographer for Brian, perhaps I will delve into the other GREAT windsurf events in Canada 😊

"Yes, let the photos flow and the debate begin!  I'm armed with a lot good memories and impressive statistics that defeat all proposed challengers to this title lol.  Swedish girls in skimpy white bikinis doing splits on the rail to music in front of 5000 spectators is an example.  400+ boards on the start line to the long distance race is another.  Google map Kingston KYC and Garden Island and 400 boards means that the starting line had to stretched from in front of the yacht club almost all the way to Garden island!  SW wind around 10 knots and the winner was the inventor's (Hoyle) son (Matt).  
The photographer from Ottawa (pretty sure) had a last name I think started with a M,ie McAlpine or something like that??
Hopefully, the blog topic will be well received :), thanks, Brian"

Was the event also sponsored by Bacardi ? well known for their rum ...

By 1985 the stock WindSurfer was being replaced by the MOD aka Mistral One Design/SuperLight  and then the Comp SST.  Here's a video from those times ... still with the original WindSurfer ...
oops gone already = WTF $%^&*()_
Am surprised there were NO comments and NO challenges...
There have been other GREAT windsurf events in Canada.
I myself witnessed a KONA event in Trois Rivières ...