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2018 Journal Entries

01JAN2018 The day started with a BANG. Fireworks on the lake up north @  01012018 00h00. Next day snow looked like it did not sink much when others and the dogs went over it. It was confirmed the ice was good and there was not much snow. As usual, this means the wind was lacking and my stuff was elsewhere ...

Headed back home with the young Bee and left the wife up north with her family including her mum. The wind looked promising and so, packed the van with the 2 best sleds, 8-oh and 7-oh sails and all the rest of it. Barely out of the driveway and got upset. The fan for the front window was not starting. This has happened before in a winter and now we are having -20 days and even less at night. Oh well, if i am blinded by the sunlight and kill someone, at least i have an excuse - you got it - the sun !! Made it to the river, but already had a bad taste in my mouth. The river now had a wet layer on top also and saw water in the snow footprints. Am sure it was thick enough, but with those conditions and the lack of good wind... headed home with my tail between my legs. In the winter it can be more discouraging.

Buddies from NE states sending me this video from 29DEC2017 does NOT help !!
Then they got snow which ruined their ideal conditions too :-(

Luckily the next day the temperature went up considerably - to a whopping -16 degrees C and the fan in the van worked - no wind of course %^&*(

SAT 06JAN2018 today it was around -20 degrees C and windy ... Like yesterday ... Had to go to the local river and check the conditions. Yes, it is still frozen ... They have marked the ski trail on the south side with the XMAS trees. The conditions were ALL over the place - like never seen before !! There were perfect sections with some snow on the ice, there were others with deep snow on the ice, some sections had had the water blown over the snow and froze AND there were still sections with deeper snow, then water on the solid ice. The WORST conditions ever. NOT even going to work next week and the temps go up. May have to check Lac de Deux Montagnes after all ...

FRI 12JAN2018 the weather is up n down like crazy. As mentioned has been cold, but today was +10C in Montreal. Georges sent me this video from the 9th ...

Snowkite on January 9th 2018, Come Fly With Me from Georges Kassir on Vimeo.

SAT 13JAN2018 started raining yesterday, got colder for freezing rain and then we got about a foot of snow. supposed to go really cold again. It has been so cold that they have been surfing on "slutch" in New Jersey...

SAT 20JAN2018: another disappointing day :-(
after seeing George's video from OKA ...

thought those conditions looked ok and George confirmed it on the phone
BIG winds today and so brought the small sails and checked it out = NON
same as local river as far as i was concerned
slush and could NOT see where it stopped and 3-4 inches of wet snow
later went to Pte-Claire to look at houses & checked Lac St-Louis = MUCH BETTER
will have to keep an eye on that

SUN 21JAN2018 put a deposit on a REIX competition DIV2/division 2 board
from Eric Bouillet.
He is the international spokesperson for the DIV2 class !!

The board was found on the rocks and repaired. He managed to get original parts from France, but it has a BIC Sport fin in US slot. The mast base screws into the "holes" and twist tightens. A regular mast base can attach to that. It came with the REIX sail too and thus is practically DIV2 race ready.

There are NOT many pictures of this board on the internet. Did find this one as well. Will have correct that situation :-)

SUN 28JAN2018 Rosemere WSW 12-17mph WSW - WW snow&ice sleds = 5 outta 10
checked yesterday and looked ok, but no wind. Today it warmed up - over +4 degrees C ... The wind was good at 12 to 17 mph WSW. The temperature made the snow soft and there was water in some places. The snow was NOT conducive to a good ride on neither ice nor snow sleds. Giving the session a bear pass ... Need better base ...

SAT 03FEB2018 already FEB and had 2 rotten sessions so far :-(
went to local river (with my stuff) to check it out
van heater fan was not working again and ice/snow was so/so
wind was supposed to be WSW about 10 mph - yeah right
stayed around 4-6 mph - not even worth trying with the 8-oh $%^&*
next time go check first ?? not that far from home ...

still no sessions, but by end of FEB with all the thawing, rain and freezing the ice conditions were good... for me NO wind on weekends and/or busy with moving people. Buddy Georges does get out and calls Lake of Two Mountains a real skating rink = MY kinda conditions #$%^&*

IceKiting On The Lac / Come Fly With Me from Georges Kassir on Vimeo.

George's video was from 26FEB which was a Monday. Yes, a workday for most of us :-(
Well, I managed to get back from the States earlier than expected and managed to get out:

MON 05MAR2018 ice sled OKA GA Flow3X 7-oh NE 20+ kph = 8 outta 10
There was some wet snow on top of the ice, but ok after freezing temperatures over night. Gave the ice about a seven out of 10. Was going to give the wind the same, but it did pick up and thus 7.5 out of ten. Since I did manage to go out and no animals were hurt in the process, i am giving it an 8 outta 10 session. The animals are myself and the kit...

The harness lines were adjusted more forward and everything was great ...
Am hoping for a session with great ice n wind though !!

SAT 10MAR2018 OKA 20-40 kph NW snow-sled SW Retro 8.0 => 8 outta 10

wet snow on the ice from Thursday and wind shadow from the NW 
met Mannie from previous job, Bomardier Aerospace in the parking lot 
tried the ice sled first, but was pushing snow - conditions were about 6 outta 10
took out the snow sled and put a larger sail - to overcome drag - the patched SW Retro 8.0
fellow from VoilOka came out on his skis - wanted to know who is windsurfing in the winter
thought he said his name was Mark, but website says Jason ...
he tried it and was VERY interested
his buddy is building a sled with a raised platform too !!!
he too remarked that we were in a windshadow - we could see 2 kites further out ...
the wind where we were just was not enough - another bare 6 outta 10
as i was going out past the windshadow i spoke with a fellow kite skiing
lo and behold, it was ski-Guy :-) with an Ozone kite that has chambers - cannot be used in water
he also has paraski sails ...
once i got past the windshadow I was good to go ... now the real fun started
after about 45 minutes I was burnt - i had done too many attempts in the lighter wind section...
my right forearm was TIGHT
also adjusted the harness lines a few times - that helped, but it was too late.
walked the board in , but was not ashamed
i managed once again to windsurf on the ice n snow !!

the sled is the same as this one - but without the additional blue extension
and as discussed the sail was my old SW Retro 8.0

On the quebecwind forum, where I wrote the French version of this outing, 

they commented on the green grass under the sail (obviously an old photo)
and so ... i put this photo :-)

Forgot to mention ...the local river, Rivière Milles Isles, is FINISHED
i.e. TOO dangerous to even try and windsurf on 
tested it last week near Parc Charboneau and was ok
the section near the bridge is OPEN i.e. finished !!
unfortunately NOT open enough to windsurf on the water either
wonder how Lac St-Louis is doing then ??
should have checked Sunday when I visited my mother on West Island :-(

SAT 17MAR2018 Vaudreuils NW 30-50 kph snow sled GA Flow3 = 5 outta 10 :-( 
Since it was NW was not sure I wanted to do the BIG walk on the ice like last week. Took the Subaru with both sleds on the roof and all three sails inside (6.3, 7.0 and 8.0). When I got there, there was no-one. That's a bad start. Walked down for first check and for sure need the snow sled. Even at that did not like the amount of snow. The wind was quite strong and solid and so opted for the 7-oh. Sure enough the issue was the snow. Also, one of the skis has the metal loose underneath which is not perfect. Could get it going, but was rough over the snow and the wind was strong and so hard to go from nothing. Perhaps should have tried a "water start" - get into postion sitting down and let wind pull me up n forward ... Since it was colder than usual and I was not having fun, decided to call it a failure. Have to rate it since i did go out and so, gave it a fiver. This is because no-one got hurt and nothing broke. The wind was actually good. What I really wonder is, how would this work with a deeper snow sled ? wind was strong !! the image is still in POC mode/proof of concept i.e. not assembled

Used to say that the snow sled was good in 3 to 4 inches. After today I would say more like 2-3 inches...

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